Thursday, March 15, 2012

Purple Jobs

 Each day, one person at a table gets to have all of the special jobs.  I always have a Line-Up Leader and a Teacher's Pet, too. (Pictured at the bottom.) These special purple jobs allow each table to have a leader. This child is in charge of putting papers in the Purple Box, passing out all of the papers at the end of the day from the Purple Box, making any decisions for the table, speaking for the table, and just general every day things that could occur.  My students never ask to do anything- because they know that the Purple Job is special to one person each day of the week.  They never even argue about what animal they get!  It works great.  Of course, their seat at the table determines their Purple Job.  I don't have any more than 5 people at a table.
I also have a picture in a magnet frame on my board which reminds me of who is in charge, just in case I forget.  I even use these animals for lining up- I will call for all of the Purple Cats first, then Purple Giraffes, etc.  My other jobs are listed below.  I have all boys on one ring, and all girls on the other ring.  I go through the whole ring, and then switch them.  My Line-Up Leader gets to line up first and pick our Line-Up songs in the hallways.  This person also gets to choose how we say Goodbye each day.  My Teacher's Pet job is for running errands, taking the lunch count, passing out soap, and being the door holder.  Only having two main jobs has made my life so much simpler!  With the Purple Jobs and the Helping Paws Jobs, no one is ever left out.  I have made sure that they are consistently helping me and feeling super special about their place in our class!

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