Friday, March 23, 2012

Brain Sprinkles

For those time when your brain needs an extra boost!  I have seen this a few places, but I first saw it on Sarah Cooley's blog, HERE.   This is probably one of my favorite things to do with my students.  Sarah is so right...there are those moments when my students just look sleepy---and I say the magic words, " we need some Brain Sprinkles?"  Their moods completely change...smiles appear....and they are re-energized!  It is some amazing stuff!  I made mine with a rock salt grinder, some left over purple sprinkles from my daughter's birthday cupcakes, and some colored sprinkles we had in our pantry.  The cool thing is that after I have used them this year, the purple sprinkles have turned the salt purple!  I never take the top off, but I just "shake" those sprinkles on top of their heads! Some students request more, and some say they only need a little....lots of times they ask me to use it on the Smart Board or the computer when we have technical difficulties!  Kids are so awesome!  The funny part is that if I have adults in my room- they usually ask for some sprinkles too!  Of course, I always make sure to save a lot for myself!

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  1. So u don't really sprinkle them on their head u just pretend? Or do u really sprinkle them?!? This is the cutest idea EVER!!