Thursday, April 5, 2012

Magnetic Words

I found these amazing Sight Word Magnets at Lakeshore Learning.  They come in four different sets, and my students love using these for our word wall and for stations.  I also ordered the Giant Magnetic Punctuation Marks, as well.  The Question Mark is under the Q for the moment.  They are absolutely terrific for our small group time, large group time, and station time.  These magnets can be used for tons of activities!  Plus, they are made so well - perfect for little hands to play with.  They seem indestructible!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Line-Up Songs

Line-Up Songs are the most fun!  We sing a song each day when we leave the room for lunch and our afternoon break.  
 My "Line-Up" Leader for the day gets to choose the song we sing.  At the moment, this is their favorite one.  But, it changes throughout the year as I introduce new songs.  Of course, each song also has its own movements that make them even more fun!
I keep them hanging on this magnetic hook by the door, but our first Line-Up Song is laminated with the kitty posted by the door.  We sing this song for the first couple of months just to get the hang of it.