Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Classroom Organization Photos

 I am posting these to help me remember how my classroom looks at the end of the year...so I can make sure I get everything back in place for next year.  I love my Whole Group space...
 Part of my Whole Group wall...
 My Small Group Reading area...
 My reading corner...
 My Writing Station area with Extras Baskets...

Ice Cream Fractions

 We LOVED this activity!  And I loved my students'creativity!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Math Talk

 I found these cool Common Core Cards for Math on TPT, and I love having this Math Talk chart at the front of my room during our Partner Talk time on the carpet.  It is a super way to engage my students in using the correct words when we are talking math strategies!
I also have my Whole Brain Teaching posters, along with Linus and Gus under my board to continue with the Math Talk theme!

Pete Loves Books!

Seriously!  I love Pete!  He is so totally groovy!

Anchor Charts and Circle Maps

 We made a Circle Map this week while we are learning about details.   
 We also made a list of Ocean Animals before we started reading our story for the week.  I had no idea that Dory was a Pacific Regal Blue Tang- but my Smarties knew it!
This is my Literacy Wall in my classroom where we try to contain our weekly knowledge in one place.  It has our retelling cards, oral vocabulary, spelling words with selection vocabulary challenge words, anchor charts, graphs and maps, and my Whole Brain Teaching posters that show our skills and gestures for the week. Over the the right, I also have our High Frequency Words listed, as well.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I Know About...

I love having this information right in front of the room for my students to see every day!  It just helps them to stay focused on what they should be learning each week.  Our Journeys series comes with a Focus Wall that I use in my classroom, but I like my idea much more!  I think it is so much more colorful and creative.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Linus the Minus

 I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea for teaching subtraction!  You can go here TPT-Sarah Cooley to get this amazing download.  My kids love learning about strategies and subtraction with this cool little booklet.  There is also another booklet about Gus the Plus that she has made.

 I also love that I can just pull up the PDF on my board and do it right along with them.  What a super clever idea to make this cool booklet!  As always, Sarah Cooley is one of the best teachers for coming up with some amazing teaching ideas!   If you haven't ever visited her blog- it is one of my favorites!  First Grader At Last