Thursday, February 28, 2013

Classroom Photos

 I have said this a thousand times...but I love seeing pictures of other classrooms! So, I thought I would post some more of mine. 
 This is my Read With Me/Math With Me area, along with my computer area, etc.
Our large group space...

 The sink area where I store all of my station materials on the right and left side.  I also like to display fun reading charts that we have studied on the bulletin boards.
 This is a hands-on area where the children can grab supplies they might need during station time.
 My computer area...
 My listening area...
 My AR space...
 Where I keep my station baskets so the students can get them each day... along with other station  materials and things that we might be using in the specific week we are in.
Another shot of my reading table with my charts and graphs behind me.

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Dot

 I absolutely love the story, The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.  It has become one of my favorites to teach!  So, this year, I decided to add another activity to our story.  I made a poster with Vashti on it- painting her dot, of course, which is all in a swirly frame.  My students just loved that Vashti appears to be painting their dots on the canvas.  I wrote each one of their names, and they told me something that they thought they might not be able to do in the beginning- but it turned out they were really good at it.  They were able to write their sentences on their purple dot.  Around the poster, they got to draw their own little masterpiece, as well. 
Next week, we will be back to Dinosaurs, at least...Dinosaur Hunting, anyway.  All of the dinosaurs in our room left this week because they were super scared of who might be coming into our room next week.  Hmmmm...wonder who it might be?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Keeping Up With Our Progress

I found this somewhere on Pinterest, also.  I am sure it is probably on my board.  I just love this idea for keeping up with my Firsties progress on their writing.  Once they are able to do each one of these skills properly- they get to write their name under that skill.  When they master all four areas, they get a coupon!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Herbie & Carnie

 I am pretty sure I posted these last year.  I took an idea from the blog First Grader At Last which is the best blog ever!  Anyway, my kids just love this story that goes with our dinosaur stories in our textbook.  So, my Firsties get to feed Carnie lots of meat (above) and they feed Herbie lots of plants.  Unfortunately, Herbie left our classroom today because he heard that our next story is going to be Mister Bones: The Dinosaur Hunter.  So, he was pretty scared.  I think that Carnie will soon follow him in the next few days.  My students were pretty upset that Herbie left, and now they think that he might have escaped into the school just like Bossy E!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Adjectives & Pete

Pete the Cat is so much fun for my Firsties!  They love him...almost as much as I do!  But, I have managed to change this board out a few times this year.  Now, we are using Pete to learn about adjectives.  The students got to write out something creative that Pete could step into.  I got interesting answers like peanut butter, raspberries, purple paint cans, watermelons, feathers, red, paint, and melted chocolate. I love seeing them write their sentences, but the pictures are soooooo cute!

100 Day Project

 A few weeks ago, we celebrated our 100 Days of School with lots of fun little activities.  But, this was one of our favorites.  I found this on Pinterest, of course.  I just had my Firsties to make something creative with the numbers 1, 0, and 0.  The picture above is a Monster Truck.
 A Butterfly
 Pete the Cat having a dream
 a happy face
 a giraffe
 My purple and gray elephant
 A baby with a rattle
 a pair of glasses
a puppy dog
These were so much fun!