Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Herbie & Carnie

 I am pretty sure I posted these last year.  I took an idea from the blog First Grader At Last which is the best blog ever!  Anyway, my kids just love this story that goes with our dinosaur stories in our textbook.  So, my Firsties get to feed Carnie lots of meat (above) and they feed Herbie lots of plants.  Unfortunately, Herbie left our classroom today because he heard that our next story is going to be Mister Bones: The Dinosaur Hunter.  So, he was pretty scared.  I think that Carnie will soon follow him in the next few days.  My students were pretty upset that Herbie left, and now they think that he might have escaped into the school just like Bossy E!

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  1. I love this dinosaur idea! I also absolutely love the name of your blog & all the pretty purple!! I'm your newest follower!

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