Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cute or Creepy?

 We took the opportunity to learn about something kind of creepy since it was Halloween.  We learned a lot about bats last week.  After showing them pictures of baby bats, most of the students decided they thought bats were cute... and not so creepy after all!
I found this idea somewhere on Pinterest!

Angry Verbs

                                   We brainstormed a list of verbs that Angry Birds might use!
                                             Then we wrote sentences and illustrated them!
 My Firsties absolutely loved this!  They begged to do more and more!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Synonym Rolls

 I asked a fabulous lady to make some "Synonym Rolls" to go with this activity.  This made this something for my kids to never forget, especially since she made them homemade!  They were delicious!  The only thing I will add next time is Reynold's Wrap for the pan on the bottom of the "Synonym Rolls". (pictured below)  I just laminated some gray cardstock.

Noun Town

 This was probably the best Noun Town my Firsties have ever done! They were super creative!  We basically reviewed everything we have learned about nouns, then I just gave them the task of drawing a noun and labeling it.  As we cut them out, they would decide where to place them.  Then we would stand back, looking at our picture, and they would decide what else they thought the town needed!
 I especially loved this Spiderman!  It was one of my favorite parts!
 I also loved the moon with the martians and the lazer!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Some more Anchor Charts...

 ...just cause I love making them!


 So YUCK soup took a whole new swing this year...I have some wonderful aides in my room this year.  One of them loved the idea so much that she asked if she could make cupcakes for a treat.  Of course!  So, she had a surprise in store for the kids.  She told them to find the CK words in the treat.  They were sticks (pretzel sticks), the work YUCK written on the cupcake, a rock made from fondant, black from the sprinkles, and the trick word--- a snack!  So smart!  She had my super smarties really thinking on the last one!  I LOVE it!  It will become something I add to this study every year!

Had to include the last one...Gotta love kids and their artwork!


 This was a SUPER fun activity which we have been able to repeat twice as we learn more about blends.  I saw this idea on Pinterest one day, and I just did my own spin on it.  We talked about blends for two days in large group.  Then, on the third day, I drew a blender on the board while my students drew one on their paper.  They brainstormed all the words they could think of with R blends.  I have a few examples of their work below.  Then, as they were creating their own blender- I went around and had them to write one of our brainstormed words on an index card.

This week, we followed up with L blends, and they went to town with their ideas and it was even better that the first time we did it.  I can't wait to see next week's blenders when we talk about S Blends.  FUN!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Gus the Plus Guy

I made a new strategies chart this year after my kids fell in love with Gus!  This group loves him more than any other!  He is my favorite way to teach addition strategies!

A School Anchor Chart

Love doing anchor charts with my kiddos!  Watching them brainstorm is one of my favorite activities!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Walking Through My Room in August

 I have a new SUPER HERO Theme this year that I LOVE!  I have put this Behavior Party Reminder up beside my NEW Behavior Chart.  This seems to help my students be able to keep their behavior score in check!
 Here is my NEW Behavior Chart that is for sale on TPT in my Store!  I love this!

 This is also a part of the Super Hero Behavior Chart and MORE that is on sale on TPT...
 I love my new class schedule that makes sure I am always in the right place and doing the right thing!
 A really simple Web Diagram for the beginning of the year...
 I am so excited to see new Anchor Charts all over my walls!
 Also a part of the new kit on TPT- my Line Leader and Door Holder with a new twist...
 I made up this Hallway song with the poster...which I also LOVE!
 This is the NEW way I am doing my AR points this year.  The students have little super heroes with their names on them that will fly on the buildings and around the different Super Hero clubs as they reach their goals.
 Another Anchor chart that we did today...such little smart Firsties!
 A new idea for my Math Board- I put magnets on the backs of my kids' manipulatives so that I could use them!  Wish I would have thought of that years ago!
 My New math kits which are fantastic!  I love these Really Useful Boxes that I found at OfficeMax.  They hold everything each table needs to get busy with the Mighty Math Time!
 Another new edition to the math board- I bought base ten magnets.  I hope this helps my students to completely understand the idea behind the hundreds chart.  This is before I explained that 10 ones is equal to 1 ten--- and switched out the magnets!
 New Super Hero Level tags adorn my book baskets!
 Yes, I love these!!!!  Also part of the Super Hero Package on TPT!

 One last thing-  I LOVE teaching ten frames by getting the kids involved in being the counters!  Fun!
What will September Bring?!  Come back to see...

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Super Hero Theme in the Making

 Next week, I will take pictures of all these things in my actual classroom.  But, for today- I just couldn't wait to share some new things I have made.  These are magnets for my Magnet Lunch Board.
 These are for my Hero Days in my classroom- Green Heroes on Mondays, Red Heroes on Tuesdays- according to the cape.  Tables coincide with these days- Table 1 is the Green Hero table, etc.
 The bulletin board in the hallway which was so much fun to make!  I still have my purple color as the background color to everything!

 Some of the hero- themed name tags that will be used in the room.
 Hallway Heroes sign that will hang by the door...
 A new way to apologize that my partner teacher found on Pinterest...so I used it with our Hero theme.
 The actual print out of our Hallway Heroes sign!  I am making a whole set of all these new things to sell on TPT which should be available by next week.  It has more than 50 pages of Super Hero themed goodies!

These are cards for my pocket chart which will have our schedule for the day.
   I am so excited about this new theme!!!!