Monday, January 30, 2012

Thank You Bunches!

I have found so many cool ideas on blogs!  For instance, I found this one on, along with many more.  My Firsties loved Super Duper Girl. I changed her name a little bit from Super Girl to Super Duper Girl, since I use the phrase "Super Duper" a lot!  The students had a matching sheet for their Word Work Station.  We used it as an interactive whole-group lesson that carried over to small group learning.  Later in the week, the students made their own "r" controlled words to add to Fern's words that were all about her!  This was a great way to teach "r" controlled vowel words.

Thank you bunches for making all of these wonderful blogs that inspire me! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

I know something you should know...

      I read somewhere that every teacher needed a magic word to use with their I chose Purple Elephants.   I found this game (that I LOVE) on-line from some expert teacher out there in cyber world.  It is called "I know something you should you know..."  I use it to transition from one activity to another or just as a way to have some fun during the day.  My Firsties enjoy helping me make up new sayings.

Me:  "I know something you should know...George...."  Students:  "Washington!"
Me:  "I know something you should know...Hot Fudge...."  Students:  "Sundaes!"
Me:  "I know something you should know...Happy...."  Students:  "Birthday!"
Me:  "I know something you should know...2 quarters equals...."  Students:  "50 cents!"
Me:  "I know something you should know...Purple...."  Students:  "Elephants!"
Me:  "I know something you should know...Listen...."  Students:  "Shhhhhhhhhh!"

And we move on to the next activity!  We also use our School Name, cities and states, and all sorts of facts/skills we are learning throughout the week.