Monday, March 19, 2012

Angry Bird Math

 I watched this amazing math lesson you can find here. This teacher used angry birds to teach all kinds of math skills.  Now, his towers are much larger and more 3-D.  I might try that next year.  But, I just wanted to implement this easily right now.  So, I used my daughter's colored blocks and three angry birds I bought at Toys R'Us.  I showed my students how to play today during math stations.  The group built the tower, and the students took turns throwing the birds at the towers.  They had so much fun!  I made a recording sheet below for each student.
There is a table that explains how the different colored blocks are worth different points.  Their partner gathered the blocks that they knocked down for each attempt.  Then, they added their points together to get their final score.  The person in the group with the highest score wins... but who am I kidding...throwing angry birds, knocking down blocks, building towers....THEY ALL WON!  They were thrilled with this math lesson.
   Just to let you know...we played this as a family at home first with my 4-year-old daughter.  I really like using the different colored blocks because it made the points system easy.  I also like how easy this is to store.  I will able to use this on multiple occasions for a station.  It is something the students can do without me.  We also were able to review 3-dimensional shapes, and we reviewed measurement when we measured how far away you had to stand before throwing the birds.  This is such a brilliant idea!

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