Sunday, March 11, 2012

Loving Genre

I don't know if it is the way I say it with my French accent (which I perfected on our trip to Paris a few years ago), or just because it is such a cool word that we use every single day- But I LOVE teaching about Genre!  I made these simple cards for us to use during my small group reading station.  I simply took the cover of every story in our reading books and put them on pretty purple checked scrapbook paper.  I also found these cool Genre posters somewhere on-line.   (Probably Pinterest- I am so sorry I cannot give you credit because I cannot remember!) Of course, they were in all different colors, but I used my cool Word tools and made them completely purple!  Technology is so amazing!  Anyway, we use this all of the time to review the different genres we have learned about this year.  It is also really neat to see how much more we have learned about Realistic Fiction than anything else.  We use it for graphing, remembering, word wall activities- you name it.  Plus, it is totally hands-on and the kids can maneuver it themselves.

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