Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chalkboards Out...Clean Walls In

 I got permission to remove my old, dusty, nasty chalkboards from my room about a week ago.  So, my husband and I spent about 12 hours remodeling my room.  The above picture shows what my newly painted wall looks like!
 As you can imagine, my room seems so LARGE!  My children were thrilled when they came in, and they commented that everything looked so "Clean!"
 These I Can statements used to be on the old chalkboard.  Now, they stand out with the creamy wall behind them.
 I love my new work station for organizing my students' work throughout the day.  I have a space to lay papers and grade papers.  I didn't have this room when the chalkboards stuck out from the wall with the white showerboards on top.  It looked terrible before!
 This is my new calendar space.  I am thinking of making a homemade calendar for next year, but I do think this one looks clean and happy.  BUT, look below....
 This is what we found behind the chalkboard (which is laying on the ground).  How lovely is this pukey yellow paint!  It was also covered in cobwebs and dust.  Yuck!
 The above picture showed my SmartBoard over the chalkboard which we painted purple with the showerboard over the chalkboard.  It just made everything look disorganized and cluttered.
I don't have any before pictures of the back of the room, but this is how it looks after we took down the chalkboards and put up a nice white board for my Word Wall.
  It also opened up more space for my computer station, too.
NOW, I can finally teach....and it is really hard to leave my classroom.  I just LOVE it!