Friday, March 9, 2012

Pop Rocks Similes

While browsing some awesome blogs a few days ago, I came upon this amazing activity from Sarah Cooley's Blog called Pop Rockin' Describing Words (originally found here on TPT by another amazing, creative teacher).
   Since I happened to have some of these delightful treats at my house, I decided to just try a much shorter version of the activities with my students.  So, I told them I brought them a special treat and that we were going to predict what we thought it might be.  They guessed it was "purple"- but I have no idea why they would automatically think that!  They guessed it might be some kind of food.  So, I took my special bag, and we headed outside for our messy treat.
    When I pulled out the Grape Pop Rocks- my children went crazy!  I never knew Pop Rocks would be such a treat.  I gave them a quick lesson on Similes, and we decided to brainstorm what it felt like inside our mouths when we ate this special yummy treat.  Amazingly enough, some of the children had never had Real Genuine Pop Rocks before- so they were amazed at how poppy they were.
    Back in the room, we brainstormed in our groups.  They had to finish this sentence, "Pop Rocks explode in my mouth like..."  I got some amazing answers which are pictured below.  Then, I pulled off a big sheet of purple paper and each child drew a picture of themselves eating Pop Rocks while "brainstorming" their thoughts.  I made it a much shorter activity due to time restraints, BUT it was still oodles of fun!  We also discussed the Science part of it outside, and they all quickly figured out the basics behind that terrific treat!  Thanks Abby and Sarah for an awesome idea that my students truly enjoyed!

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  1. I'm so excited that I found you blog. I bought several packages of pop rocks (dirt cheap) and I am definitely going to use some of these awesome ideas. Thank you!

    First Grade Delight