Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Aimee the Bee

 We have been learning about the Long E sound, and we have been learning about Honey Bees.  My students had so much fun learning about bees.  Firsties never fail to amaze me!  They loved telling me all about bees.  So, first they met Aimee at the beginning of the week.  She told them all about her favorite things which all have long e sounds in them.  Then, we read our story for the week.

 After learning all about the different types of bees, they created their own charts which told about the jobs of the bees.  I thought these were really Bee-utiful!
After that, we had some station activities that included sorting the Bees which had Long e words on them, writing sentences about Aimee the Bee and her favorite things, a venn diagram where we compare and contrast two types of bees, and a writing assignment where they wrote a summary of the information they had learned (example above- which is my daughter's work.)  Learning about Bees was so much fun!

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