Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Third Time Is a Charm

 I have changed my stations...AGAIN...for the 3rd time!  I thought I had a great way to do them last year at the first of the year, but then I found a better way.  So, I started this year with my new, improved way only to find a much better way to do stations that I just started last week.  I LOVE this arrangement.  I did have stations on my SmartBoard, but I love using my pocket chart instead.  I have groups of two students (which honestly is the only way to do stations).  My room is so much more orderly and calm with only one switch each day, and it is so much easier on me to only come up with five main stations each week.  I honestly feel like my station ideas are so much better, too.  I also figured out that most of my stations could be categorized into Word Work, Time 4 Writing, or Skill.  This also has saved me tons of time!
 So, every student will go to the Time 4 Writing Station once a week (pictured above and below.)  Each station has a label on the basket where they can find their weekly assignments and they also have a clear picture frame to assure the students they are in the right place.  Of course, all of these match the card on the station chart.
 I Love this "Writing Eye" stuff that I got from somewhere on Pinterest.  I am pretty sure I put it on one of my boards if you want it, too.  I love this little chick and her rules.  I am going to make cards that go under each example to allow the children to make goals for themselves and once they reach them- they can stick their name on the card.  I also have little laminated cards with all of the punctuation and their usage if the students need them when they are writing.  There is also a ton of word cards for them to use which have picture words, reading words, basic words, story words...you name it!
 Word Work is another station which can be so diverse from week to week.
 Then, there is the Skill Station which I tell my students always requires a lot of thinking. 
 This is one of the Skill activities- putting Long e words in alphabetical order.  Of course, it also has all of the names of their classmates who have Long e sounds in their names.  Always get their special names in!
 Fancy Nancy is taking care of the Computer Station...
 The sign lets them know what they can and cannot do each week. 
 Listening Station, of course, is always an easy station because it is so quiet.  But, I really need to find a battery tree in my backyard.  They are so expensive!
And of course, my favorite time is when they read with me!  I have to make sure to get my basket which has my crown in it.  Otherwise, they just cannot remember that I am not to be disturbed, since I am royalty and all!  It is so difficult for Firsties to not interrupt during station time--but my crown does the trick.  Even when they are walking toward me, once they notice the plastic purple headpiece- they quickly turn around and head right back to their station.  Too cute! 

So, hopefully, this change will stay!  I am all about trying new things, but I just want to figure out the best way to do stations and keep it the same SO it works the best for my students.  I do love this, and they all have told me that they definitely approve of the new station arrangements!

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  1. do you still have the cards for your pocket charts? where did you get them? i'd like some for my classroom.