Sunday, August 11, 2013

First Day Activities

 After going over our Whole Brain Teaching Classroom Rules Rap, we talked about Whole Brain Listening...with Pete the Cat.  He is so groovy!
 Then, I read The Kissing Hand.  We compared our school to Chester's School using a T-Chart...
 We talked about our first day feelings.  This was a great way to validate everyone's attitude about a brand-new school year.  They loved making Anchor charts!  That is fantastic!
 I made new clothespins for my Behavior Log and new magnets for my lunch board.  I love these new magnets...I made them with bottle caps from Hobby Lobby.  Fun!  I also love the little clear round stickers that fit inside the cap over their names which make them look even fancier!
It is going to be a fun, new year in First Grade!!!


  1. Love Pete the Cat listening. What's the whole brain rap?

  2. Wow
    Did you draw your Pete The Ca
    I'm doing Pete the cat.
    I wish that you could draw me one, but I can't draw.