Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Organizing My Stations

 I knew at the beginning of the year that I was going to have to find a way to organize my stations.  I wanted to make sure that most stations had some type of concrete proof that my students were actually learning during this time each day.  So, I made a notebook.
 I have some different sections.  The above section shows a fun sheet that I use on Fun Fridays for a Word Work assignment.  My students love it just because they get to use highlighters which is such fun for little Firsties.  This sheet and the following two were my own creations.
 This is another Word Work station that we use on Writing Wednesdays.  I use it for a Write the Room Station.  My students still love just using the clipboards for Write the Room, but adding real magnifying glasses or fake ones made from pipe cleaners always make this idea a little more fun.
I also love this idea that I am using as a writing prompt.  I used to be a 4th/5th grade teacher who knew a lot about the writing assessment test.  So, I am using that knowledge to guide my young students down the right path to writing well.  I use these sheets to nudge them along.  I write the first sentence at the top of their paper, then I encourage them to use some of the words to write their stories.  Plus, I also get them to describe the pictures in their stories.  You would be amazed at how their stories are chocked full of wonderful description just because they are looking at what they are putting in their stories.  I just love this!  It is one of my favorite little creations.
I have lots more tabs throughout the notebook for magnet stations, other writing stations, word work stations, and math stations, too.


  1. Wow! I really like your word work ideas. Would you be willing to share your documents?

  2. I really love the ideas you have posted! Do you have any documents on Teachers pay Teachers? I would love if you would share your documents.

    Thanks Stephanie Fryman