Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ping Pong Spelling

I worked on some new stations this summer, and I found so many amazing ideas on Pinterest.  I ordered a zillion ping pong balls from this summer, then I tried out some ideas on my daughter who will be a First Grader this year.  I am going to use her so much this year to try out new things!  We used ping pong balls for a Spelling Station (pictured above).  She had the best time bouncing the ball to me, then I would say the word, and she would spell/write it.  We switched places every two turns.  She loved it!  It was such an active station, and she stayed completely involved.  She has even asked to play again and again.
  I have also made a math station with these ping pong balls.  What is about balls and kids!  They just love them!  So, I am definitely going to think of some other things I can do with bouncing balls this year!

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