Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Got a Blogging Award!

Inspired in Second gave me a BLOG Award!  Yay!  I think it is my first, so I am going to follow her Blog Etiquette as to what to do.
   You should go check out her awesome blog!  Thanks so much for giving me this cool award...
So, now I am going to nominate some of the coolest teachers for this award...
1.  My favorite blog ever...First Grader at Last....I love every idea on this blog!
2.  Seusstastic Blog....absolutely adorable with tons of awesome ideas!
3.  Fun In First where standards meet creativity!
4. Oceans of First Grade Fun...a super blog from a very experienced teacher!
5.  Heather's Heart...I have found tons of free things on here that I use in my stations!  Love her blog!
6. The Inspired Apple...seriously amazing ideas!  She has some great stuff for sale!
7.  First Grade Fabulous Fish ...Tales from a First Grade Classroom!
8.  The First Grade Sweet Life...wonderful blog!
9.  Tori's Teachers Tips...Tips, Tricks, and TimeSavers for teachers!

Thanks so much for sending this award my way!

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